09 July 2007

home again and tired to boot

We got home a week ago from a trek to the beach and then the wedding I've talked about. Neither half of the trip was in our state. And they were not in the same state, either. Indeed, we went south of home for three nights, then north of home (literally cutting through the main city near our home!) for the other three nights. The day between locations about killed me with the 12 hours in the van; thank God it wasn't a tiny car anymore. I have spent the past week trying to recover from all the travel and late nights!

I want to share some bits and pieces from each place, but for the moment my day's energy is seriously waning. Once lunch is over, I can only dream of resting while the children play or watch TV (or "Tee" as my daughter calls it). "Dream" is the operative word here. When I do lounge on the bed (our sofa is a love seat, not a full-size couch, so it is not funcitonal for lounging very long in my opinion), the Tee is on in my room under my watchful, very awake eye, and the kids are rambunctious so I repeatedly have to get up to handle things.

It's funny. I have a friend who is expecting her first baby in November, and she was recently talking about napping several times a day...I actually do remember that luxury. And I napped a bit with this one before Little B got out of school for the summer, but now? I scoff at my desire for rest. Ah well.

More later, friends...I promise. I want to lay down. Badly. And I need to run interference between Rafael--no, it's Spiderman, now--and a little girl who's half playing and half uncertain of what is going on.


momrn2 said...

Sounds like you had a good time overall.

Rest when you can friend!

Anne said...

I'll try to get some napping in for you, k? :) I've only got a few months left of that myself.