17 July 2007

second trimester

I am officially in my second trimester now.

Other than being poochier, with all my regular clothes too tight and maternity still drooping though showing my new shape, I feel exactly the same - sick most days. Based on my previous pregnancies, I've probably got as much as 6 weeks left to feel ill. I've lost a few pounds, and gained back one, I think. The most exciting news is that I'm back up to a "B" cup...heheh (thus the pound gained?). =) So, my baby is about 3 1/2 inches, or the size of my fist and depending on what you read, either 1 oz or 2. It even has fingerprints now.

Names are harder this time around. I've used my favorites and while we think we have a first name for a boy, there are 2 or 3 choices for a middle. And a girl...I'm at a loss. There is one name that stands out to me exceedingly, but there's a delicate connotation within the family (the name of a cousin's ex-wife, and his brother used that name for a child after the fact. . .I don't want to cross anyone!). But I'm still in love with the name, and perhaps we'll fit it in as a middle name. We just cannot settle on anything for sure.


Carbon said...

names are so darn hard to pick out. I find girls names much harder than boys names.

i hope you start feeling better sooner!

Karen said...

I'm with Carbon. Our quirk was that we were always solid on a name choice for the gender we ended up not having. With number 2 we went to the hospital with three name picks and decided after she was born.

I hope you start feeling well again. Have you tried Preggie Pops? They really work.