23 March 2007

the tree you see

The branches are heavy-laden with blossoms so thick they are snowing on Spring's new carpet. From my patio at dusk comes the velvet hum of hundreds of happy fat bumblebees ensconced in the petals of that tree.


Carbon said...

I'm sooooo jealous. I've got actual white stuff (snow!) and you got fragrant white flowers. boo hoo.

Amie said...

Gorgeous!! We don't see any blooms way up here for awhile.

billyandtami said...

How I envy your back porch! From my 23rd floor highrise in Beijing, the skyline daily wears a thick brown layer of pollution; my view is filled with over 50 highrise buildings and nearly 20 industrial building cranes.... From 6 am until midnight my ears ring with the sound of metal banging on metal as the countless construction sites in our area build things in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. No blossoms and no bees for me! Oh to be with you on your back porch sipping tea!