08 March 2007


Tuesday night is the one and only decent night's sleep I've had since a week ago. And that night was punctuated by hearing my son cough so hard I got up--he was actually still asleep when I reached his side.

Last Thursday Little B came home from school with a fever. "Fever" was literally going around the class and up to 8 kids (out of 18) were out at one time that week. Little B must have been the last to catch it because everyone else was fine by Monday. But guess what? Little B's fever cleared by Saturday morning; by afternoon he became congested and ran more fevers which turned into an ear infection. And thanks to the fever that spikes briefly each day, he has yet to return to school. He sure has energy, though. (Tomorrow he should be good to go since he's on antibiotics now--I usually let it run it's own course, but that was far too many days.) Each night he would wake up two and three times with horrendous nightmares that almost scared me--he doesn't remember them, it's the way he responds in his half-awake state of crying, terrified. Tuesday night, he only coughed and the rest of the night was peaceful.

Last night, Miss C threw up.
In my bed.
(Even on my pillow once.)
She ran a fever over 103*. And my peaceful nights were over before they began. Though I must say my husband helped me both times and proceeded to let me sleep in this morning, waiting to get ready and go to work (after sleeping the rest of the night in the recliner). I cannot tell you the difference that has made already!

She must have caught a bug from the pediatrican's office because that is the only outing she's had for a while given we were home with a sick little boy (who was not throwing up). Now, I'll be home with a sick little girl. Oh, I desparately hope it's a 24 hour bug. Her fever started yesterday after lunch, so that would mean we're only a few hours from "well".

And I have cabin fever.


Carbon said...

Hang in there mama!

Lets hope you don't catch it either!!!

Anne said...

Ugh...that is NO fun! Hope it's over soon!