22 March 2007

he's six!

Spring is in the air around here, so I decided to give my blog a little face-lift.

But, more importantly, my little boy turns SIX years old this week. He has grown and changed and matured so very much in the past year. He thrills my heart. We are having a party for him late Saturday afternoon -- a cook-out with family and friends, just relaxed and fun. He'll get his party favors and pinatas, but we'll also have parents and our families. (I find this so much easier to deal with.) The weather is theoretically going to hit 80* and should be absolutely perfect for the day.

I told Little B yesterday as we finished shopping at Party City (he got to help choose balloons, candles, pinata stuff and favors) that he was going to have go backwards now and he'll turn five again next year, then four and so on. He cracked up, having a great sense of humor about it. You can see in his eyes the delight of having turned six and the strength that marches him onward toward becoming an adult. He is ready to conquer to world and absorb everything around him.

About a week ago or so, I told him of his birth story. It was the first time he heard more than a condensed version. I talked about my labor (in general, skimming the ultra-personal), the delivery (again, generally speaking), and how we chose to wait and see if he was a boy or girl. I talked about what I ate for breakfast after my water broke at 6am, and mentioned who was in the delivery room with me. I told him that I pushed an extra long time because he was turned facing up instead of down -- he inserted an apology here, which was adorable! -- and he loved hearing of how entranced I was to hold him the first time, to hear of how I stayed awake gazing at him all night long, unable to close my eyes because he was so incredible and in my arms at last.

I can barely believe that was six years ago.


momrn2 said...

Happy Birthday to your dear boy!

dcrmom said...

Six is a great year. Happy birthday to your little guy!

Mommy-loguer said...

Aww happy birthday to your little guy!!! Sounds like it will be a beautiful day!

Loved the bean story (:

Have a great wknd!!!

Mommy-loguer said...

PS Loove your new layout!

PPS Just saw i said the same thing about your "little guy" as dcrmom. lol

Carbon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (a little belated-sorry).

Amie said...

Happy Birthday! :D

spring said...

This is what I have to look forward to! I can't wait. :)