04 January 2007

what we decided

This took a lot of deliberation on my part; my husband, apparently, was more set in his ideas of what our son's tooth should bring.

Originally--and only one person saw it before I changed it--I had posted that I was considering two quarters for the first tooth, one thereafter. After a friend said she did a dollar per tooth, I felt chintzy and as I said, completely unsure. So, I changed my post and made it vague

Then, my mother said I got about a dollar a tooth. Okay, I just don't have memories that are precise enough to find that information (I remember liking losing teeth and the little container my mom kept them in...I actually have them packed away still!). My husband was thinking in the dollar range also (he says he got about a dollar, sometimes more, depending on what change was in his dad's pocket). We both wanted to do "more" for the first.

The "first" would be generating $5 for one of his friends (roughly a dollar thereafter), and another friend of mine had extremely generous parents--like $10 for front teeth, and we're talking 25 years ago, people (that one is a bit over the top for me!). Her parents also gave gum or stickers or something with each one (which I liked).

I had either a one dollar bill or a five dollar bill. So, we were going to give him the five until my parents said they wanted to add $1 to the the pot; we gave him $4 which felt a bit more balanced to me...of course, that was also convenient since I could still use the $5 bill. To say I was unprepared is putting it mildly.

And so what he found was a note with with a five dollar bill (the note explained the $4 from us and $1 from his grandparents plus lots of lovin') and tucked into the pocket of the little tooth-shaped pillow was a pack of gum I had not opened.

Bear in mind, as I mulled over the tooth fairy money, I was considering that while my little boy is hard-pressed to give up old toys, he was adamant about giving his money a few months ago to the Red Cross during a drive his school had. I wanted to honor his generous heart and be generous with him in return.


Carbon said...

Well, congrats on the little guy losing a tooth! I think that's a fair amount.

My parents didn't give me anything, they didn't know about the tooth fairy at the time. I think I remember being mildly dissapointed.

momrn2 said...

Wow! I am cheap!!