02 January 2007

tooth fairy

Help! My son is due to lose that first loose tooth any day, if not any moment now (literally)! For a long time it was just kinda loose, then suddenly it was all kinds of wiggly! Just as well it went very slowly for him (and he wasn't too aggressive in the beginning anyway). Oh, and it's an upper tooth, whereas the lower ones typically go first. Who knows why. He's so great, though...he lets his mommy check it out a few times a day! haha--I am not bothered at all and my husband and father get the "heebie-jeebies" about the whole thing.

So I need to know what the going rate is for the tooth fairy (aka--Mom and Dad, since my kids know the "truth" behind all these things)? I had an amount in mind, but think I was being rather cheap after talking to a friend earlier; on the other hand, I've got friends on the other extreme, so I feel really lost about this. And the tooth next door is already looking a bit loose as well...

Oh, and way back when it first showed it's "looseness", I made him a small blue tooth pillow. He's had it on the ready every night...I'm not sure if he thought the tooth would just fall out in his sleep and jump into the pocket or what. Very cute.

It's out! It fell out all by itself as he wiggled it, just like he'd hoped!


momrn2 said...

I know I'm cheap! I also know I'm not rich! I know they lose a lot of teeth in their lifetime! I know I have more than one child. I pay 50 cents a tooth.

I'm such a cheap tooth fairy!!

Now I'm curious. What were you thinking of paying? What does your friend pay? What did you decide to pay???

AfricaBleu said...

The tooth fairy always leaves/left my kids one gold dollar per tooth. As well as a lot of glitter on the windowsill and pillow -- and their faces. I tell them she must not be able to resist smooching on them while they're asleep.

It's worth the mess to see them contemplate the whole issue.