23 January 2007


I may have mentioned before that we keep both of our children off all dairy products for the most part. Well, with Miss C, she’s very allergic and will instantly produce variable quantities of hives around her face; we carry an epi-pen “just in case” she ever has a “systematic” reaction. I surely hope I never, ever have opportunity to use. And she is never intentionally exposed to dairy, I assure you.

Little B, however, is (typically) off dairy as we think he’s allergic with a different reaction: that being an increase in his sensory processing dysfunction as well as noticeable sinus issues that are way too often linked to pizza, milk, etc (and sometimes result in ear infections). This conclusion was reached after much reading and research. Recently, he has had “small” bits of dairy via pizza several weeks ago, cookies (which had butter baked into them), and a general slacking on our part of items made with dairy but not a direct dairy source. The cookies he had almost daily for over a week. Also, this month, we’ve noticed a decline in the progress we were so pleased about. He is having a much harder time focusing, following through, and “hearing” directions. Essentially, his brain is delayed in processing the “input”, so his body doesn’t “output” right away. OH, it’s so frustrating. For him and us.

So, as of this weekend, we have gotten stricter about the no-dairy for Little B again. It takes time for it to completely leave the body, so it will take time to know if it makes a difference. Of course, once that decision was set, we found out that tomorrow his class is having donut holes. Dairy is in donut holes. I refuse to back down on this since it always takes several false starts (ie, a grandparent offering a treat and not realizing it’s dairy, etc.).

I have spent countless hours trying to find a solution that would be acceptable to my five year old's heart. First, I offered muffins I know he likes, Oreos, and other treats. He told me it would be too hard to smell the donuts and not eat them. So then I tried to figure out if I can buy vegan or at least dairy free donuts--lots of phone calls later, I know for sure they are made, just not to be found locally since they sell slow (and there was no time for shipping them, though I'd have paid the price for my little man).

Which leaves, what? MAKING some. After an embarrassing kitchen disaster, I called a friend who is much more, uh, culinary-inclined, shall we say, and she suggested Bisquick donuts. I found a recipe online today and made a trip to the store—I had no Bisquick on hand. And so, I made donut holes. No Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme to be sure, but they are donuts none-the-less-thank-you-very-much. My son is way beyond happy that he will have donuts to eat with his class and I am happy that he does not need to be denied. (And they have been taste-tested repeatedly by all of us--I made them vegan for my little girl who is also allergic to eggs.)

Whew. Catastrophe averted.

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kbartley said...

Ok - now you have my curiousity - what's the recipe? It's not the kind of thing you usually find on the Bisquick box - although I really like the biscuits and shortbread recipes. Only 15 more days....