28 July 2005

in great hopes

One week during my daughter's therapy, there was another mom in the same large room with twin girls...only one of whom was receiving therapy. She was nice and has a little boy as well (younger than my son). We talked a bit as we left, and I reall liked her. Anyhow, I cannot recall her name, nor did I have the courage to ask if she'd like to get together...but, I just hoped that one day I'd run into her again.

That was today. She came into the consignment shop I was in, near where we both go for therapy. I still do not know her name, though I do know two of her kid's names, and I did discover approximately where she lives (a bit further than I'd hoped, but her husband works in this vicinity), and that she's a believer. She's easy to chat with and we talked lightly while we shopped. (Her daughter will be finished with therapy soon...so, she won't be nearby so often, but I know her joy in such news!) I also found out that she's planning to try having a kid's consignment sale at her home in October. She told me where I could find the information later on, and invited me to include some clothes if I'd like! I think I will take her up on it. I mostly would like to make friends with her, and this would be a nice opportunity to get to know her a bit better.

So, we shall see. In the meantime, I have great hopes for what may come in time. Our girls are a month apart. I'd like to have nice playmates for my daughter--that is an area we suffer in for my son these days. (It makes for a long, boring summer for him)

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