21 July 2005

justice is served

We’ve had this horrid, horrid mosquito flying around the house for the last few days. It was taunting us at mealtime, seen upstairs as well as down, and doing bodily harm to various family members. Many, many times we smacked that thing and *poof* it had vanished. Into thin air. It would reappear a few minutes later, hovering in the darkening corners of the house at dusk, remaining evasive and cruel.

Today, it made a fatal mistake. It appeared in the bright, sunshiny confines of my daughter’s room while I was changing her diaper. (A rare treat these days, that sunshine!) On my second attempt, Malicious Mosquito finally met his demise. I looked at it, slightly shocked, then spent a moment pondering my triumph and the joy my husbaned would feel (he spent most of one breakfast fighting with it), then used a baby wipe to clean my hand.

I unfolded said baby wipe. Reopened dirty diaper. . .

R. I. P.
(Rest In Poop)

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