12 May 2005


Shingles. The roof on my house is in need of repair rather badly. And, it keeps getting put off in lieu of other necessities in life. One of these days, it will come caving in and we'll be sorry. I am the one who keeps convincing my husband that it can and will wait a few more months. Someday, no doubt, he will say, "I told you so..."

Shingles. The roof on my body is in need of repair rather badly as well. I have shingles! I call it "chicken pox reheated". Haha! It is painful and itchy and of course it happens to be across my chest and therefore interferes with breastfeeding. In fact, my 3 month old daughter is now officially exposed to chicken pox thanks to the shingles. High stress and low immune systems both contribute to an outbreak--I definitely qualify for both of those! (I don't qualify for the "over 60" trait, however). I am now having to nurse exclusively on the 'other' side while covering the shingles to attempt to prevent further contact with my baby girl. I have to pump the painful side to keep my milk supply going in the meantime.

If only I could give my shingles to my house, we'd both be set.

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