04 May 2005

forced hiatus

Oh, how incredibly busy my life has been.

We are still struggling with various illnesses and sick visits to the doctor on top of well checkups for both kids, different specialists, and many, many chiropractic visits (to help the continuing ear problems for Little B). Tomorrow, he will be getting an eye exam as he failed the basic one at his 4 year old check-up, and Friday will be the big reevaluation for Miss C. Of course, her regular therapy each Monday still continues.

Then, of course, are the multitude of errands I've been trying to tackle...emissions tests, the tag office (tomorrow is the deadline!), getting my car repaired from it's fender bender, the pharmacy, the health food store, not to mention regular grocery runs and such--you get the idea, right?

The icing on the cake includes the many end-of-year school things (Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, Field Day, Spring Program...I begin to wonder who's in school...Little B or Mommy; I swear I'm there as often as he is!).

Given all that and more, I rarely have time to sit down and breathe...somehow, I find time to nurse and change my daughter and fix my son's lunch (in my t-shirt as I rush him along in getting ready for school while remembering I am not yet dressed myself). I actually scheduled a lunch with a friend so my multifarious appointments would not always be in the way. I am scheduling AROUND that lunch, thank you very much, and please, Little B, do not be home sick from school that day! (There are only about 3 weeks left as it is...God, help me when summer break starts...)

So, today, after a crazy morning during which I did fit in a latte (on-the-go) for myself (yup, I drank it in the bathroom while getting ready for my shower), I got Miss C's pictures taken, picked up Little B right on time, came home for a brief 'lunch' for my daughter, only to head back out to the chiropractor and realize at 3:00 that I'd only eaten sunflower seeds and crackers for lunch. So, I went by Checkers so I could feed my famished stomach. The teenager handing me my food asked, "Is your car overheating? I think I smell something..." Holy Cow. I still needed to go to the tag office...

I pull up, pop the hood and get out to open it. I don't have to open it, though, to figure out what's wrong...there is oil pooling on the upper edge of the hood. Not good. I know what's wrong. I drove home, called my husband, and opened the hood all the way. Yup. That oil change we just got a week or so ago...they didn't put the cap back on. My engine and inside of the hood are covered in oil. Ick. At least the oil had not completely emptied and the engine's not cracked.

My husband every so kindly made the phone calls to the dealership who did the oil change (I HATE calls, especially of that nature). They have since towed my car, will 'take care of it' and return it by tomorrow morning in time for the 10am opthamologist appointment.

So, for a few small hours, I am being forced to take a break from my crazy days that never, ever end. I'd have preferred it happen AFTER the tag office and birthday shopping however, as those errands are mandatory by tomorrow. The morning is already full enough. Oh yeah. And Little B doesn't have school tomorrow.

I'm thinking dinner out and a chocolate dessert. I deserve it.

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