24 March 2005

adeno virus

Yuck. For two nights, I've been more awake than asleep. This has nothing to do with my 7 week old baby, either. It's my 4 year old. The first night, I thought he was having bad dreams and a bit of allergy-related congestion. He literally whined and wimpered all night. (He starts the night out in his bed, then joins us later on.) He went to school yesterday, showing only signs of a drippy nose, and having seen at least one other kid in his class on Monday who was lingering by the tissue box I decided not to worry since whatever it was he got from that same class or else it was spring allergies. Well, yesterday was his Easter party at school, so I took our fruit contribution and went up there at 11am. He seemed a bit on the pale side and after their egg hunt, I kissed his head and he felt warm. I figured it was from the egg hunt. Boy, was I wrong. When it was time to leave, shortly after noon, I buckled him into his booster seat and kissed his head again (we are an affectionate family). Sheesh...still quite warm. Now, I began to believe it was a fever. He was still pale and hadn't eaten much. Sigh.

The mother of one of his friends was walking past my car, so I mentioned to her that he had a fever...two thoughts went with this: one, another mom might know what's going around (she's also a nurse), and two, she'd know her son had been exposed to something. She quickly offered her nursing skills: "Can I feel his head?". Sure...please do! I wasn't trying to take advantage of her nurse status, but was grateful for her willingness. She proceeded to feel his head, put her hand down the back of his shirt, and have him breath on her palm. Neat. She easily deduced that he had a low grade fever. And suggested that a 48 hour virus had been going around and they'd had it a couple weeks ago. Gotta love mom knowledge.

Well, through the night, hi fever spiked. I have these nifty stickers that stay on for about 3 days under the arm and give a constant temp reading. When I noticed him getting warmer, I requested he come on to my bed so I could take care of his needs without getting up a dozen times or more. His temperature was 101.9 around midnight. I gave him Tylenol to help him rest, and he cooled off a good bit. He talked in his sleep excessively (typical of feverish kids), then by early morning, he was back up to 102.2 and I gave him a bit more Tylenol. Poor kid!

His throat hurts, his eyes burn, his nose drips incessently, and his back and head ache. He is one miserable little boy. Given the constant fever and sore throat, I considered he might have strep as well as some allergies on the side and decided to call the doctor. Turns out, it's Adeno Virus, incorporating every single symptom he has, plus could include stomach upset while running its three to five day course of high fever (the fever causes the back and head aches). Ugh. The doctor said they are seeing a LOT of it right now. Figures.

I hope Miss C doesn't get it. I hope I don't get it for that matter. I am feeling rough, but it's related to lack of sleep: burning eyes, headache and exhaustion. ha! But who am I to complain? Little B feels worse than I do, that's for sure. I'm just fearful of juggling a new baby and a sick boy. And he soooo misses kissing on his sister. In the meantime, we are having serious TV days this week. He just fell asleep watching Veggie Tales on the sofa.

I do believe I will make some coffee to go with my lunch. Today is definitely a coffee day. Maybe I'll make enough for two big cups...mmmmm...who knows when I'll get sleep again?

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