28 May 2004

at last

And at long last, we have the official word that all is well with the pregnancy. All signs of miscarriage are gone, my hormone levels are all where they should be, and I am one happy mama!

My son is delighted with the fact there is a baby in my tummy...he truly believes he will be getting a little sister, though I've warned him it might be a brother...he nonchalantly says that's okay and continues to refer to 'her'. Yesterday, for the first time, he talked to my belly. What a precious moment in life. He started by saying "Hi, I'm your big brother". Of course, I spoke for the baby. They talked again this morning, with double the enthusiasm....'baby' heard all about Little B's new computer game (twice) and he even promised to teach the baby how to play it after he or she 'pops out'. And, of course, baby was invited to come along in mommy's tummy to watch him play said game. Then, I let Little B kiss the baby...on the never-lost pooch that still remains from my days pregnant with him. My son is the happiest little boy in the world. And I do believe my husband and I are the happiest parents.

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