28 May 2010

it's time

Clearly, I don't mean the baby...a bit early yet, don't you think?

I am referring to our move which will take place in July. I'm not certain if that will be early, mid or late July. But, it will be July.

And I'm feeling down. Not because we're moving - that part I've been waiting for and expecting for months now. I'm down because I'm in the first trimester ickies with roughly 6 weeks to purge, pack and move. I'm down because we no longer know where the Lord wants us to move. The little town we were all set to land in no longer gives us a clear sense. This is in part because my husband's job is shifting...not location, but there are currently negotiations for a different title and different salary - at a different company with some of the same owners. Instead of residential and commercial work, they'd be doing government work. It's a different revenue that has some promise, but those details have not been ironed out. We expect longer hours which means a shorter commute would be safer and better all around. All of which affects the house we end up in. See the vicious circle?

I want to draw closer and listen my Lord. I long for His peace and clarity....I know He has answers and I know He'll show us what and where, I'm just trying not to panic while I wait.

In the meantime, anyone want to come pack with me? Sigh....

**edited to add: I should tell you that I trust fully in the timing He has chosen - in fact, today as I was driving home from the library, I told the Lord that I really just didn't think I would have it in me to move during my 3rd trimester. I then checked my mail before pulling into the driveway and discovered a notice written last week about the pending move. The Lord answered my need even before I could utter it. . .


StephieAnne said...

You'll be in my prayers - your circumstances sound so overwhelming to me (moving evicts great fear in me as it is just so much work), but as you said, the Lord has you in his hands. Hang in there, and I'll be praying for clarification as to where to go too!

Hannah said...

Wait, so you're moving (because a lease is up, perhaps?) but you're not sure where? Sounds very Abraham-esque to me! The Lord must really want to be your road map. Keep us posted!

Wish I could help you pack, too. If it's at all in the budget to hire some professional help, DO IT. It's cheaper than the mental hospital. :-)