11 January 2008

small update

Yesterday, I turned 32 years old. For many weeks now, all I have wanted is to hold my baby in my arms on my birthday. Nothing else quite mattered. I was able to do just that and any time it actually occurred to my that it was indeed my birthday, my heart was so full knowing I had my baby available to hold and love at a moment's notice.

Our day was filled with blood work for his bilirubin levels and later an on-demand appointment because the levels were rising rather than dropping. Late in the evening, my birthday ended with my sweet Baby J on a "bilibed", crying his heart out while mine broke as it longed to comfort him more. We had a very, very long night. I am so tightly bonded to this little sweet boy. He is more restful and peaceful this morning, so I managed to make up for a bit of the lacking sleep earlier.

This picture is of him in his straight jacket that velcros to the Bilibed....boo hoo...he was chilled, so I put a folded blanket over top him for while. Later, he was too hot on his back while his feet and hands were cold.

In spite of the jaundice and the not being able to hold him as much as I'd like since late yesterday, I am still abundantly thankful for so much. He's home versus in NICU, he's generally healthy (jaundice aside, obviously), he's out of my belly at last, he's desparately loved and at least acts like he loves us back. :)

I do have my birth story almost ready to share since a friend asked for it via email a few days ago. I simply saved what I sent her and need to double check it. So, I promise it is coming soon. Oh, and for you ladies who could appreciate my abundant milk supply and severe growth after the milk comes in, I've one upped myself! A lactation consultant at the hospital measured me yesterday (when I stopped by after having Baby J's bili levels drawn). I was contemplating buying one more bra in the size I expect to be in a few weeks since I have very few. She warned me that being my third baby, I might stay bigger, not "drop back" to a D...therefore wait to buy the correct size in a month or so. My new measurement? 36 F (and a 1/2!!). I must look hilarious to those who know I'm truly an A, if that!!!


SlushTurtle said...

Hope the jaundice is getting better. He sure is a cutie! And my, what impressive bazooms you have!!! They've outdone themselves! :)

Our Lovestory said...

Jaundice is so sad! Glad you can at least keep him home with you. It mus be hard not to be able to hold him whenever you want. But, you are right, you would hold him less if he were in the NICU.

Happy belated Birthday!