13 January 2008


Baby J is off the light table!

Saturday morning a nurse came out and drew his blood. His bilirubin had dropped 3 points, so they told me we could stop using the lights, but the nurse would return to do more bloodwork yesterday. If it was consistent and not going back up, they would consider his "phototherapy" complete. (If only phototherapy meant adorable pictures instead of isolating a baby onto a tiny table with blue lights radiating from it.)

I waited all afternoon for that phone call. Finally, at 5pm, I called them and the lady was SO apologetic -- I think she'd overlooked my name on the list of people to call. Anyway, the levels had dropped another point, so he was in the clear. Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to hold that sweet Baby J?? Scrumptious.

I will try to polish my birth story and post it today or tomorrow.


SlushTurtle said...

With more pictures, right?

momrn2 said...

Rejoicing with you!