16 December 2006

where i am, in summary

The week of Thanksgiving:
2 children sick with almost a week's worth of fever and misery

The week after Thanksgiving:
2 children worn out from being sick
1 child still feverish, flu and strep tests positive

This past week:
1 child with double ear infection, bad cough, wheezing, no school

1 child with fever (not the one sick all week)
1 mommy with no time for self-care found in urgent care clinic, sore throat and sinus infection (no fever, no strep...thank you Lord!)

Next two and a half weeks:
no school

Next month:
1 mommy turns 31
1 husband leaves country for almost 3 weeks

And after that:
1 mommy invited to New York with one of her oldest friends for a long weekend, no children

It cannot come soon enough.

ta ta for now...feverish child has crawled into my lap, even now still full of her usual mischief!


kbartley said...

So glad to provide a weekend away! I'm not too sure NY will be relaxing, but I'm looking forward to celebrating our birthdays! See you in less than 2 months!
Merry Christmas,

Carbon said...

Oh no! That sounds horrible (except for the new york part - you lucky gal!)

Sick children make me sooo sad. To see them that way, boo hoo. I hope everyone is feeling better now.

Amie said...

It most definately can't come fast enough for you :D

I can relate to the constant sick kids (although this year has been pretty good, most years winter is one perpetual runny nose)