07 December 2006

pixie dust

Today marks a noticable first in my life.

I realize I am not alone--it happened to my husband this year (though I find it incredibly attractive on him), and it's long since happened to many of my friends. But for me, I had yet to decide how I would feel about "my first"--perhaps not unlike a young girl awaiting her first period...little does she know what she is truly waiting for. Now my wait is over. And I was quite honestly startled this morning to discover my first gray hair.

I have very, very dark hair. As a child, other kids mistakenly thought it to be black. And while it's not quite that dark, it is a definite deep brunette. Perhaps the years have lightened it just a fraction (particularly in summer), but the artificial highlights of several years ago have long since vanished, so I am certain of what I saw. And about five years earlier than I expected, I guess!

I didn't think it would be such a big deal; I've admired my husband's and been fascinated by my friends' and wondered about my own. My father was showing distinct gray by my age and my mother is noticably frosted on top (though she colored it for years, and still does on occasion); even my baby brother has begun to see gray on his own head (not heavily, yet, I guess, since I haven't seen it; then again, his hair is much lighter than my own). But this is right at the hairline in the midst of a cowlick--no holding back or hiding! And a very shiny gray she is, against my ever-dark locks I unabashedly take pride in (pride comes before the fall, no?). She is short still, growing in no doubt from one of the many handfuls of hair my daughter has innocently yanked from my scalp while seeking comfort from mommy's long tresses. Like my dad's headful of silver, this tiny lady is not wiry, but soft, one thing I am thankful for. Wait. No, I'm not. I have very fine hair that could stand a little body for once. Shoot. Ah well, maybe she'll grow gracefully on me.

I'm guessing that when people see this, my youthful look will be a thing of the past; no longer will anyone be surprised that I'm really 30 (31 next month, though, so I guess it's to be expected) or that I'm old enough to have two kids. But, I really hope it doesn't grow too fast...my husband's gray at his temples gets more noticable with each hair cut--a fact I am adoring. There's just nothing adorable about my random gray at the top of my forehead, you know? Unless I just say I'm being sprinkled with pixie dust.

Yeah, that I like. Pixie dust. Bring on neverland, baby!


Carbon said...

Yes, the white hair, got it too.

Mine started sprouting when I was pregnant with the first. Then when she was born, I kept noticing more and more. Yikes.

My dad went white overnight practically and at a very young age. I always check in the mirror everymorning to see if mine is still brown :)

anne said...

I have a few here and there at my temples and sprouting up at the top. Even when I get it colored (because it's fun, not because I feel as though I HAVE to!) it doesn't take long before they are showing their little grey faces. Sigh. And I've had them for at least since I was 21!

momrn2 said...

Perfect. Pixie dust... I'm running with it. For years I have lived just sprinkled. It seems like lately the box of dust is leaking... gray hairs are appearing everywhere! Somebody fix the pixie dust box!