04 February 2013

something new

I've begun a new blog....

What I will do with this one remains to be seen. I'm uncertain whether I will even continue writing here. I may close it off and make it private, by invitation only. The reason being, this one holds much of my family's life and I want to preserve their dignity, their privacy, and mine. The new blog, I hope to make public, plan to put on a business card. I'm not so sure I want them attached. But, who knows. Maybe I will just leave this to get dusty, but findable....

I think you will possibly find my new blog interesting and if not - my feelings won't be hurt in the least. If you find this blog turned private in the near future, don't hesitate to email me and request an invitation. I cherish each one of you who've traveled the path I've taken in the past 8 years. Now, I'm ready for a fresh start and a fresh blog and a bigger boost of confidence, (something I'm working on)!

Without further ado, I introduce to see joy.

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