20 March 2012

land of living migraines

There is this one blue and white (with a bit of sickly yellow) multi-purpose store that can change the most beautiful day into a low-price living migraine for me.  I am rarely to be found at one of these stores for this reason, but once in a while it just has what I need and it kills me to admit it.  A half hour in the confines of this fluorescent pit and the nausea begins, the head pressure builds, the knots in my neck and shoulder begin to cramp, my eyes begin to lose focus and all decision making flies out the window.  I hit a wall.  Those walls double the time it takes me to finish my errand and everyone who was forced to go with me is miserable.  High-functioning mama becomes frantic, crabby, exasperated, low-functioning mama.

(I do, however, love my better-lit, nicely-staffed, more warmly decorated (think: red) multi-purpose store.  It is logical, higher quality, still kindly-priced and most importantly: migraine-free.)

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xtinarom said...

this is what my girlfriends and I lovingly call a "MNAFMAST" day. It stands for "Mama Needs A Few Margaritas And Some Tacos" It's cured by taco tuesday at El Torrito's when hand pressed tortillas are filled for $.99 all night and margaritas are half off....Now when I post that on FB you'll know where I'll be...