30 December 2010

introducing bitsy

The very first moments . . .

Little B pushed his new baby sister from the Labor, Delivery & Recovery Room to the Mother Baby Care Unit.Then he was the first to hold her, outside of Mommy, Daddy and the nurses. He is officially very possessive and does not like to share. I decided that was a million times better than resentful.Miss C and Baby J (who is not so baby suddenly!) are so beyond thrilled with their sister's arrival that it's hard to keep their hands off. And how dare they have to share her with Mommy - does she really have to nurse and get a diaper again??
Sister bonding. Miss C likes to pick out clothes for bitsy, hold bitsy, be mommy to bitsy. . .payback - apparently I was the same toward my younger brother. Ah well - again with loving being better than resentful!

Hmmm....a little thumb sucker like her mommy used to be?
At birth, Bitsy weighed 9lb 3oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. She was born screaming at the top of her lungs, quite literally before she was done delivering!
I will write of her birth later - for the moment, I need to care for bitsy and get some more sleep before morning and the next round of meds are due!


Hannah said...

SHE's BEAUTIFUL! And so healthy-looking. Good grief, woman, you carried around and were delivered of a nine pounder?! You get an extra badge for that, you know. :-) Glad she's been so popular on the homefront; much grace to you as you try to save her from being torn apart by loving and possessive siblings!

blue hose said...

She's is beautiful. I love the big round cheeks! I know you are happy to finally have her in your arms - I'm glad to hear all others are equally enthralled and will pray this period of contented peace is sustained. I really wish we were there to celebrate with you - miss you guys tons!

Donnetta said...

I'm just beaming with excitement with and for you. She's beautiful!!

9 pounds. What a healthy baby girl! My son was 9 pounds, only I didn't deliver via c-section. Sure wish I could have! :-)

Congrats to you and the family. Sounds like she is already fitting in just fine and being warmly welcomed and abundantly loved.

Rest and recover well my friend.

SO, SO happy for you...{HUGS}

xtina said...

Sis, she looks so much like my niece it's uncanny. Please thank whoever was on text duty that evening. I gleefully showed my picture off to everybody who would listen!! I cried when I saw her name. I love you all! Besos y abrazos!!

Karen said...

She is amazing, and beautiful, and perfect, and such a gift from Heaven! Congrats to your family, what precious pictures and memories from her first few days.

I'm so happy for you!

kim said...

Soo, soo sooo happy for you!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to hear the birth story, that's my favorite part after seeing the precious babe (: I'm so glad you had such peace, God is amazing. Blessings, friend!