01 April 2010

thankful thursday - my tree

I mentioned several months back that we would be moving soon. And we fully expected to have moved by now, though that has not happened yet. We're still waiting on some things in the "paperwork" side of life.

At that time, I was saddened by a specific thing I would have to leave behind: my cherry tree. Every spring there is this amazing week when she graces the back of my yard in prominence and beauty, her blossoms whispering gently in the breeze.

I take scads of pictures of that tree during this one week - my poor kids don't know a camera the way that tree does. I hope to find time to pull out my film camera with manual settings before the blossoms drop by week's end so I can capture the real essence of what she is.

I am thankful for one more spring to see this tree in bloom.


Hannah said...

Wow! It's beautiful! Here's hoping your new house has some worthy consolation prize. ;-)

StephieAnne said...

We have just such a tree in our backyard - worthless cherries, but beautiful blossoms. I'll be thinking of you now when I look at its white blooms. =)