06 March 2009


I feel like I'm pulling a huge, heavy load of treasure through rocky, uncertain terrain. I know we'll get there, and I know it's so incredibly worth it, and so often I can see the valuables glistening in there, but sometimes it's just...hard.

I have to remind myself that overall we've made noticeable progress, frustrating though it is. But I always feel we slide backward through the winter. Three steps forward, two steps backward. It makes a journey feel so long.


blue hose said...

I promise that this, too, shall pass. Hugs from Houston. oh - and I may be back in Atl this summer for D's bday. I'll let you know for sure.

sammon said...

I don't know why winter is so hard. Hopefully things will get better as we approach spring!! Lots of hugs for you an your family!!