11 May 2008

mother's day surprise

Once in a while my brother and I like to surprise my mom on her birthday or Mother's Day. By this, we mean that she is a super low key person and does not care for much ado about days like these, almost preferring the quiet time to herself (well, as much as she can get with Dad around!), then having a good visit with us some other time when it's convenient. She's practical and kind and never presumes upon other's time. Some years, I have enjoyed my own Mother's Day quite fully, with a quick call to her at the end, but this year, we conspired against her.

Mom and Dad live about 45 minutes from us in a tiny town (near great outlet shopping...!). My brother lives a good bit farther out but drove over 2 hours to meet us at the new restaurant a few doors down from my parents' home. My dad arranged to have her there before us. We kept it very simple, with a vase of roses from our yard that Little B carried in. He simply sat next to her and handed them over, wishing her a Happy Mother's Day. She was very pleasantly surprised. My brother, holding his most favorite girl ever, Miss C, snuck around the side and let her kiss Grandma. When mom reached to hug my husband, assuming he held Miss C, she was shocked to see her own son with us.

The rest of the day was peaceful and full of restful visiting (and maybe a small trip to the outlets for a few of us).We got home, put the little ones down, and I managed a (not quite hot enough) bath for myself which in itself is a rare treat these past months. Now? I'm hoping for a good long night's sleep (Baby J might not let it be long enough, but I do forgive him). And when I wake, this awaits me with a brand new Starbucks travel mug boasting shimmery pink flowers. . .
(Okay, okay, I confess. This was a joint gift for my husband's birthday last week as well as Mother's Day...but we're BOTH loving it equally and I can hardly wait for morning! And I do have some new pens and pad of paper to jot down lists which is probably more exciting than you'll ever want to know!)


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

What a fun surprise for you mom! I'll bet she loved it!!

And what a fun treat for you, both surprising her and the coffee pot! So, how was the coffee?? :-)

cjoy said...

The coffee was great...we're learning how to make it all over again since this model comes with a reusable filter, a water filter, adjustable temperatures and regular or strong brew settings!