14 February 2008

almost back from the dead. . .

I’m not sure how we just survived the past week two weeks. Really.

Our family of five just lived through:
4 rounds of the flu (everyone except Baby J)
1 cold with cough (Baby J)
1 bronchitis, plain (my husband)
1 bronchitis with sinus infection on the side, still lingering very heavily (me)
7 doctor’s visits and copays (counting Baby J’s well visit yesterday)
3 Tamiflu Rx’s (I wasn’t able to take it)
1 Zpack Rx (for husband’s bronchitis, started the day the flu hit him)
1 Biaxin Rx (for my lingering nasty cough and sinus gunk, just started Monday)
1 eye ointment we didn’t need to use on Baby J (whew)

Lots of high fevers, achey bodies, clingy children, vomiting husbands (well, only one husband, but his body couldn’t handle the fever!), headaches, Tylenol, Motrin, liquids, soups, wet washcloths. There are layers and layers of clean clothes all around the house which we somehow washed in desperation (especially b/c Little B was back in school before anyone else got sick!) but were too sick to fold and put away. The dishes are finally getting caught up and the sun came out today so my mental state is improving as well. If only my voice would sound normal and I wouldn’t cough so hard; in fact, at my post partum checkup today, I was told my kegel wasn’t strong enough—that’s a first ever, and I blame the cough that makes me pee in my pants!


Karen said...

Oh. My. Word. !!!

You poor, poor family!

Seven_Shades_of_Red said...

Glad to welcome you back to the land of the living! YIKES!!! And of course YOU were the one taking care of everyone, while you were sick, hmm??? That's how it works at my house!

momrn2 said...

Hope everyone is completely better SOON!

SlushTurtle said...

Goodness! Praying everyone is feeling better!!!

Shelly said...

Wow..I hope everyone is feeling better! We were on vacation earlier this week and came home 2 days early because we all came down with the flu. I am hoping spring arrives soon!

Carbon said...

I swear this has been the worst year of flus and bugs. ick... I can't wait for spring and less sickness!