11 December 2007

3am randomness

I am getting so very, very tired of these 3am wake ups. I know I'm just pregnant, I know there aren't that many weeks left, but I don't even have anyone waking me up (nursing babies and children in need at least justify it)! It's now 4am, I've been awake for nearly an hour, my kids are all sleeping (even the little guy in utero), my husband is nearly snoring, and my body is aching. UGH. Comfort usually arrives around the time the alarm goes off, after I've been up for a while and finally gone back to sleep. Comfort also comes after lunch when I am in desparate, desparate need of a nap, barely peeling my eyes open and attempting to convince my daughter that she, too, is exhuasted (she no longer naps every day). But at 3 and 4am? Nah. Sleep cometh not and this poor body is wearing out. My mom likes to say, "Well, you're not 25 anymore." No kidding -- I'm starting to understand what she's talking about! Pregnancy in my 30s is far more taxing than the ones in my 20s.

So, after laying in bed a while, I opted for some raisin bran with real milk. In our house, real milk is just not a regular purchase considering the allergies my daughter has. So, while pregnant, I've tried to get it about once a month or so. I'll do soy milk in certain cereals, but it's not really my thing. I had two bowls of the raisin bran. I so love real milk in cereal. Mmmm. My all time favorite is plain Cheerios with 2% milk. It absorbs right, it's cold enough and it is so perfect I often have two very large bowls (as in, these days, because I know it's a rare comodity in our home!!). Now, the middle of the night snack is taken care of, and I'm perusing online out of sheer boredom. Perhaps sleep will come soon. That milk might help it along...oh, I'm hoping it does!

To encourage the drowsy state I hope to be visiting very soon, I'm off to play a bit of Alchemy, a most addicting game. I like the free web version of it best, so that makes it very available and I've played it far more than I will admit in the last couple of weeks.


Our lovestory... said...

Cereal tastes so good to the pregnant woman!

I hope more sleep comes soon for you!


Karen said...

I ate so much cereal when I was pregnant. What's up with that?

I agree, pregnant at 30+ is indescribably harder than it was in the 20s.

Carbon said...

I hate those pregnancy hormones. I used to be up in the wee hours during both my pregnancies. Nothing I did made me sleepy! I feel for ya :)