30 November 2007

in the majority

Back in the day, long, long ago (meaning before I had children), I had an abdominal surgery for some health problems and it left a scar like a c-section would. As of this pregnancy . . . my third pregnancy . . . I am beginning to get "real" stretch marks for the first time in my life, on the far right side of my scar. I have never had the stretch marks that so many women talk of.

Sometime after Miss C was born, I did discover some very tiny, faint ones--also near the scar--but they could hardly be seen (thin and squiggly and barely there) and I knew they did not "qualify" in many women's eyes. I've never been bothered by my lack of stretch marks, that's for sure! But this new phenomenon on my lower belly is definitely not thin or squiggly...it's wide and silver and looks like it should have hurt to create itself. Oi! I think I'll blame it on the fact that my favorite sugar scrub is no longer for sale at Bath & Body Works. Yeah--it's all their fault! I used it lovingly on my belly the last two pregnancies and had to find a substitute this time around. No fair. Maybe I should file a formal complaint. hahaha!

Now, to balance the lack of stretch marks on my belly for so long, I will say that there were definite "sunshine" stretch marks on certain body parts used after a baby is born--I make lots and lots and LOTS of milk (twins? triplets? bring 'em on, I can feed them easy!) and go from an A to a DD once my milk comes in . . . yes, you read that right. And they carry a definite set of stretch marks. Fortunately, once I'm through nursing, the drastic decrease in size disguises the marks. As they grow during the next pregnancy, I see them again and am amazed that I'd forgotten just how stretched they get!

All that said, I have just over six weeks left. Six long, exhausting weeks. For the first time, I have joined the ranks of women who are "done" and "ready" for the baby to come. I have never felt this way. In the past, I've relished each day of my pregnancy. This time, I'm so tired, so emotional, so need-to-be-busy with housework and kids that all I want is my sweet boy in my arms to snuggle, hold, nurse, and love.

Yes, I'm in the majority now. I am impatient for my child to be born and I have real-woman stretch marks.


Tara said...

I was impatient with both of my kiddos and they were both early by 4 and 2 weeks. I didn't get stretch marks until the last month or so with Ari and they have slowly faded away. I have the same nursing stretch mark problem too. Right now I could wear 3 different size bras in a day depending on what time it is.

I'm glad you got the diapers and I hope they work out for you.

momrn2 said...

Welcome to the club friend! I developed stretch marks with my first and even more with my second. Unlike the other commenter... I still have mine in all their glory on both my tummy and from nursing.

I had to laugh when I read about how much milk you produce. I'm the same way.

When my daughter was in NICU as a newborn, I pumped at the hospital and we froze the milk there for her until she could learn to nurse again.

When we left the hospital, I filled an entire full size cooler with frozen milk. They were all laughing and said they had never seen anything like it.

Neither of my children have ever suffered for lack of nutrition! :-)

kim said...

A to DD?? Omg!! I went from barely an A to barely a C and thought I was looking good (; haha

I can't believe you "only" (I know, I know, sorry!) have 6 wks left! I hope they don't drag on and on and I hope you blink, and then baby boy is in your arms (: I think of you often and cannot wait to "see" the little guy!

cjoy said...

It's nice to be in a club among such lovely women!

Our lovestory... said...

Cjoy - missed you!

WOW - it seems like just the other day that you were 20 weeks! But, my little Evelyn is already 3 months! (I accidentally lost track of how many weeks already!:-)

I am a stretch mark queen - had them already on both tummy and milk-makers before being preggers! Lucky you! And, I am like you in that I still am wearing nursing pads. I keep thinking that each box I buy will be the last!


Carbon said...

i never got any stretch marks with the first one but my boy gave me a few. He was a big boy thus, left his mark, so to speak. I also used that Palmer body butter on my belly the first time around and not so much the second time.. who knows, maybe that's why???

sorry u couldn't escape it this time around....