21 August 2007

"long" time coming

Over the weekend, I treated myself to something I was long overdue for. I had been waiting for this intentionally and with a purpose, not depriving myself. In the last few months I was beginning to feel a lot of anticipation since I knew the time was drawing near. I wanted to give a part of myself and it took over two year's patience to be ready.

In order to fully appreciate what I am about to share, I believe I will post pictures so that you can see for yourself what I have labored to do and give. Believe me, the temptation to give up was strong at times, especially in the heat of summer when the weight of this could no longer be held up by the usual means I had.

I must admit, I have always like the color of my hair, even the texture. It's thick abeit fine, but my problem was how stinkin' straight-as-a-board-with-no-body it's always been. Even as long as it got to be, the fineness of it would make it slip out of a french braid! I've longed for curls my whole life--yes, the grass is always greener. I've even been known to perm it, but that's so not the same. My last real haircut was shortly after Miss C was born, a little over 2 years ago. I had the remains of a grown-out perm still above my shoulders, so the inch or two that was trimmed off definitely wasn't promoting length. Indeed, I grew all of that in little over 2 years (I think the few months of pregnancy helped push it along this summer, though!).

As I sat in the chair, somewhat unsure of what I wanted, just knowing "wash and wear" always has been and always will be my motto (I hate blowdrying it and while a touch of product now and again is all right, the fine hair on my head doesn't hold style the way many women's can), I told the lady how my hair has no body, blah blah blah. I said to keep it simple, some long layers to give it a bit of psuedo-body, not shorter than chin length. I've liked that on me before, so figured it would go well again.

Knowing I wanted to donate my hair, she sectioned it off so as not to "waste" any by putting it in a single pony tail. And then she began to cut (bye-bye tangles and excessive conditioner!).

Yes, a full 11-13 inches are gone. (The minimum accepted is 10 inches.)

The stylist remarked that my hair had more body than I was telling her. In fact, it showed signs of curling, though not "curly". The small hairs at the nape of my neck were definitely not plainly straight. Well then. That suited me just fine. She said either pregnancy or age can change one's hair. I'd heard that, and while it isn't drastically different, I'll take all the body I can get in my hair (and elsewhere for that matter...my figure is typically "straight" as well--when not pregnant!). In short order she was done. I felt lighter, cooler, and happier (I'd been grumpy earlier in the day, not to mention nervous since I was trying a new hair salon that was not exactly what I expected compared to their website). Literally, she did not "style" my hair (and I washed it long enough before the appointment for it to have almost completely air-dried). And I loved the way it looked. It was perfect just the way it was, definitely fuller than I remembered, and I still can't stop running my fingers through it. I'm a happy lady, I tell you!!

(Yes, that's my belly at almost 19 weeks. . .)

Locks of Love


Carbon said...

Wow, a big change. You look GREAT!!! How wonderful that you donated your hair to locks of love too! I think you'll find it so much easier.

I LOVE the baby bump...lookin good :)

kbartley said...

I'm amazed that even though we're 1200 miles apart, we get the same haircut within a week of each other! Great minds think alike - and I like the bump!

Karen said...

Very, very cute!!! The hair AND the bump!

Our lovestory... said...

You look great, Cjoy - both hair and beautiful baby belly! The time has really flown for me - only 15 days left... I need to call you for labor advice!

Way to go keeping those locks for love! I bet it has been HOT!

Thanks for sharing - the pics really added to the post!


Mommy-loguer said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!! I think this is the first time i've seen you?? Or maybe not, but even so, cute cute cute! (:

And your baby bump is adorable! 19 wks, wow...halfway there!

dcrmom said...

So cute!!!! Good for you! :-)

Poor_Statue said...

I love it! And I have your hair: thick, but fine- doesn't hold any style, straight, etc. And I'm also a wash-and-go person.