19 February 2007


My husband's grandmother, "Giddy", had her surgery this morning; her body seemed to handle it pretty well. They had to remove her entire stomach, essentially redesigning her digestive system. There is still cancer in her lymph nodes and chest which she will have addressed once she recovers from the surgery.

If I recall correctly, Giddy was 16 when she married Poppa, nearly 60 years ago. They are the only remaining grandparents between my husband and myself. I find I have a special place in my heart for them, probably on account of this. She has shown me nothing but kindness from the very first day, welcoming and open. I learned of my deceased mother-in-law from this family, words of love and warmth. They harbor no bitterness about their daughter's death so long ago (28 years ago on Valentine's Day last week), though a lingering sadness can be seen in their eyes. I do believe Poppa is struggling with how closely history is repeating itself in his wife. They are truly a couple whose love for one another still shines in their eyes and shows itself in their touch.

This morning, I spoke honestly with my son about death. Not a new topic, but one I felt a need to prepare his heart for a bit more earnestly. He does not see them as often as other family, but knows them and loves them. Family is very important to my little boy, and his tears were deep from his heart today. I assured him that Giddy is still alive, and her surgery was okay. But I was also truthful about her condition. Hopefully, he will get to see her again, though winter's illnesses have limited those options recently.

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Carbon said...

It pains me to have children have to experience death of loved ones. I wish I could make the pain all go away and shelter them. I'm glad you are honesty with your little guy. Your a great mom.

Giddy sounds like a tough lady. I'm glad the surgery went ok.