03 March 2006

therapy mom

Yesterday was a long, long day. Little B had his first swimming lesson. He was so very excited to go, and I think he did pretty well, but he hated certain aspects and now says he won’t go back. Just great. First, he loathes—and I do mean loathes—getting his head wet, be it hair or face. It’s a tactile issue for him, which now makes perfect sense (we were encouraged to go ahead with the lessons to help work on this). He is not allowed to wear a mask, and we couldn’t find the goggles (not in the place I last saw them—shocking, no?). He also doesn’t like backwards motions, whether a swing or a back float, etc.—need I say more? I believe I will ask the instructor to try floating him forward first to help him adjust to the sensations.

Late afternoons on Thursdays are the big Therapy Appointment for his Sensory Processing. He is in group therapy (just two other boys), and it started yesterday as well. Once again, he was excited, and as we left he talked about looking forward to next Thursday. Thank goodness.

Also, I got two miracle tips: play-doh and Mozart. They use “thera-doh” each session, and have beads hidden inside (they find and re-hide said beads). It works their tactile senses, and so on. At home, it doubles as a way to keep his hands busy when we need his attention, and this morning it calmed him down considerably (hey, whatever works). The music is part of his music therapy, and Mozart specifically is organized which helps to calm him and organize his thoughts.

While Little B was in his group session, “the moms” sat in the waiting room comparing notes. It felt like a secret club, sitting there with moms and siblings of the therapy kids. I have the freedom to leave if I want (which honestly surprised me), and likely will on occasion, but it was mildly comforting to have the support of moms in your shoes and moms with kids of other problems. I felt like I’d joined a secret club. (Membership runs out in three or six months, depending on your child.)

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