05 February 2006

...it's a small world after all...

So there I am, shooting the breeze with my long-time mail lady. She’s had this route for 10 years, and we’ve lived here 7 ½, so I feel familiar with her, and we’ve chatted off and on over the years. This time last year, my mother was giving her news of Miss C's birth, and this week I was telling her about our pending move. Chat chat chat.

She starts talking about a neighboring town, same county, which I went to high school in, and I mentioned the school. “So did my kids—what year did you graduate?”


“You’re kidding!”

Her daughter was one of my classmates. I wasn’t super close to her, but we got along fine. I really liked her, in fact. And, we’re talking about a large county with lots of public schools in a metropolitan area. Yet, how small is this world?



Small Town Diva said...

It is such a small world. I think that whole "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing" is a reality.

kim said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! I really can't wait to hold her in my arms! A friend of mine stopped in to my work today and brought her 5 month old baby is who only 13 lbs (sooo petite!) and i just kept saying "She is soooo small!" then my boss reminded me "wait til you hold your baby, you'll think this one is huge!" I just sat there holding her, looking at her, trying to fathom that soon i will be holding MY OWN BABY in my arms. Omigoodness, i could cry! Wow. God is so amazing. I am sooo excited! :) Thanks for sharing in my joy! Soon, soon! :)